Introducing my latest guitar book series, 'Exotic Guitar Licks' exploring the mesmerizing modes of more exotic scales for rock and metal guitar players. Geared towards intermediate to advanced guitarists, this resource assumes a certain level of music theory comprehension and a strong command of various guitar techniques. 

Exotic Guitar Licks : Harmonic Minor Book

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In this inaugural release, we embark on an immersive journey through the seven modes of Harmonic Minor. Immerse yourself in 70 captivating guitar licks, crafted in a rock/metal style, with comprehensive breakdowns for each lick, accompanied by my personal thought process. By understanding these licks, you'll gain the knowledge to compose your own unique and alluring exotic guitar phrases. 

Furthermore, we delve into various scale and arpeggio shapes and concepts, designed to help you seamlessly connect the fretboard, expanding your musical horizons and unleashing your creativity. 

Add-ons / Expansion packs : Exotic licks