⬇The Ultimate Guitar SCALES ONLINE COURSE⬇

Welcome to The Ultimate Guitar Scales Course which will teach you how to play ALL the scales and shapes you will ever need in Contemporary Music, ALL over the fretboard! Whether you are a Rock, Metal, Funk, Pop, Country or Jazz player this course teaches you all the essential scales and modes.



⬇master the major scale : 10 Killer Licks⬇

On this course you will learn 10 different Ionian mode rock guitar licks. The Ionian mode is essentially the Major Scale and its first mode.

With each of the 10 licks we dive deep into the techniques, intervals and methods  used to create these kind of guitar licks. 


This is the perfect course for beginner to intermediate guitar players who want to learn all about the CAGED System for chords on the guitar. The course is great for both electric guitar and acoustic guitar players. Covering all the basic chords such as Major, Minor, Augmented and Diminished though to the more advanced seventh chords such as Major, Minor, Dominant, Half-diminished and Fully-diminished seventh chords.

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⚡️The CAGED system is a game changer!⚡️

⬇CAGED system for advanced chords⬇

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